Raised as a TCK, I was born in snowy Wisconsin and grew up in sunny Spain. I moved to Germany at the young age of 14 to attend boarding school for my secondary education. I then crossed the Atlantic again to study for my undergrad in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Four years later, in 2014, I received my BFA in Studio Art and my BA in Art History from Calvin College. A nomadic upbringing and a liberal arts education taught me that change is good and, like fashion, it can be transformative. So, in August 2016, I moved to quiet Sweden to pursue my MA at the Centre for Fashion Studies at Stockholm University (with an anticipated date of completion in June 2018). Here, I am writing about fashion and phenomenology via the turtleneck.




I often find myself dreaming about suppers I've shared with dear friends: suppers that sustained both bodies and social bonds. Grounded in place, I give physical form to memories and I explore identity in spaces of shared intimacy.

Appetites are largely bound up with nostalgia, and our cravings thrive on anticipation. I play with my own hunger for belonging in order to reference appetites that extend beyond the table. I collect from my past, and I arrange imagery to juxtapose relationships. By mixing flavors and mixing people, gathering at the table celebrates the prolonging of life, and I use this image to navigate and piece together my cravings for home.

As I find my place at the table, I anticipate the promise of the meal to come.