Anna spent the majority of her childhood in Spain before attending boarding school in Germany for her secondary education. In 2014, she received her BFA in Studio Art and her BA in Art History from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She currently lives in Stockholm where she pursues her MA in Fashion Studies at Stockholm University (with an anticipated date of completion in June 2018).




I often find myself dreaming about suppers I've shared with dear friends: suppers that sustained both bodies and social bonds. Grounded in place, I give physical form to memories and I explore identity in spaces of shared intimacy.

Appetites are largely bound up with nostalgia, and our cravings thrive on anticipation. I play with my own hunger for belonging in order to reference appetites that extend beyond the table. I collect from my past, and I arrange imagery to juxtapose relationships. By mixing flavors and mixing people, gathering at the table celebrates the prolonging of life, and I use this image to navigate and piece together my cravings for home.

As I find my place at the table, I anticipate the promise of the meal to come.